#16 ZeroSizedReplies while browsing pages from user.php3

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After creating a new user and loging in everything seems to work fine. But as soon as you submit changes to the userinfo, homepage etc. the first ZeroSizedReplies begin (Netscape users know this as "Dcomuent contains no data").
While browsing around in the sourcecode I've noticed that these problems are caused in main(). After saving userinfo, homepages etc. the user.php3 script redirects to itself so it uses the standard main() function.
After this bug occurs in most time the only way to fix it is to go to user.php3?op=logout.


  • David Norman
    David Norman

    I tried just about everything I could think of on http://thatware.sourceforge.net in the user area which is loaded with and can't get it to say "Document contains no data". Any one else help out on this?

  • David Norman
    David Norman

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  • xplo

    I've treid to do the same things on the version on sourceforge and so far, I haven't encountered it there. (I even cleaned out the entire database, reran setup.php3 etc and it happened for me again. First I thought it might be a cookie collide because I logged in as God before I created the other normal test user, but even switching to Netscape (with another cookie-base) brought up the error. If this one running on sourceforge is the same as the "current" one in your download page at atthat.com, then I guess the only differences would be php4rc1 (what version is sourceforge running?) with the zend optimizer, or some wrong entries in the config.php3. I'll try different settings there, although I didn't change much :/

  • I'm seeing something similar, but with admin.php3 (user.php3 seems to be working fine for me). I've installed the thatware_current from CVS, and when I try to visit admin.php3, I get an empty response (just shows up as a blank page in IE5).

    I've even tried inserting debug echo statements at the very beginning of admin.php3 and auth.inc.php3, but I don't even get output from that. It's very puzzling....

  • I am also running PHP4rc1, and I'm begginning to believe that _might_ have something to do with it. Too bad really, it's a great app when it works.
    Also, if anyone getting these errors can get hold of the log file, I believe that would be helpful. When errors like this occurs, something usually has disturbed the process itself...if the returned file would be _empty_ it would be a blank page returned, not this "Document contains no data" error message from Netscape.


  • In my case, I checked my Apache logs. Nothing out of the ordinary. Well, I mean nothing that indicates what the heck is going on. Nothing in the error log, and the access log just shows a successful (200) request for admin.php3 that returned 0 bytes to the browser.

  • Okay, I did a fresh checkout today, and my problem with admin.php3 is fixed. I did notice a problem in user.php3 where it wasn't executing header.php3 correctly on the User Preferences area, but I figured out how to fix that. One line fix:
    --- user.php3~ Fri May 5 13:07:55 2000
    +++ user.php3 Fri May 5 13:11:55 2000
    @@ -128,6 +128,7 @@
    $titletag = "$uname";
    $titlebar = "<b>Welcome back $uname</b>";
    } else {
    + $titletag = "$uname";
    $titlebar = "<b>User information for $uname.</b>";


  • xplo

    Ok, I've figured out what was causing it: Zend Optimizer's Pass 4. When I deactivated this pass and/or the whole Optimizer it worked fine (except for some nasty 8mb memorylimit exceeds in footer.php3).

  • Jason Hines
    Jason Hines

    ack. "nasty 8mb memorylimit exceeds in footer.php3"?

    is this a problem still?

  • Can we consider this closed yet?

  • David Norman
    David Norman

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