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Urban ThanCad II

Two students of the School of Civil Engineering, National Tecnhical University of Athens, used ThanCad to evaluate temperature/humidity measurements for their diploma thesis Bioclimatic assesment of urban places: The case of Kotzia square and Dikeosynis square in Athens (October 2012, in Greek, abstract in English). Special code was added to ThanCad to import the measurements from a spreadsheet (as 3D points). Then triangulation creation and contour lines computation produced isothermal and isohumidity lines.

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2012-10-29

Urban ThanCad I

The National Tecnhical University of Athens, School of Civil Engineering uses ThanCad for educational purposes (lesson "Special topics on urban planning", 8th semester of studies, 2011-2012).
Earlier this year code was added to test if a city plan is designed with bioclimatic criteria. Code was also added to find and highlight all streets in a city plan with less than 5% slope, which are suitable for bicycle lanes. The streets are modeled as polylines and they are digitized from scanned maps imported to ThanCad. The elevations are computed using DTM/DEM which is created by or imported to ThanCad.... read more

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2012-10-29

ThanCad in the university

The National Tecnhical University of Athens uses ThanCad for educational purposes (1 semester 2010-2011).
Dimitra Vassilaki, a researcher of the Laboratory of Photogrammetry, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, has contributed code for basic photogrammetry. ThanCad is used as a teaching tool in the laboratory. The students make measurements on real-world aerial images loaded in ThanCad.

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2010-10-20

ThanCad data structures presented in ECT2008

The Binary Spatial Partitioning Tree data structure, which is used by ThanCad, was presented in The Sixth International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology, Athens, Greece, 2-5 September, 2008.
The presentation is http://thancad.sf.net/2008ect_bsp.pdf

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2008-09-05

ThanCad in the commercial world!

ThanCad is used for commercial purposes. Specifically, it is used for the production of private cadastre maps.
See http://www.ktim.gr
(Sadly the site is no longer functioning).

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2008-06-29

ThanCad presented in EuroPython 2007

ThanCad was presented in the EuroPython conference held in Vilnious, Lithuania, July 9-11, 2007. The presentation is http://thancad.sf.net/thancad10.pdf

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2008-06-29

Aug 9,2004: ThanCad in Official Python site

A reference to ThanCad was published in the official Python site (August 9, 2004). See The Daily Python URL:

Posted by Thanasis Stamos 2004-08-21