Released Version 1.2.0

TFTPUtil Version 1.2.0

Made changes to show assembly name in TFTPServer class to help with rebranding
Updated some XML comments
Upgraded version of NSIS installer
We now show the TFTP error message if we receive one
TFTPUtil Client example program now autosizes

Grammar on timeout message
Possible bug when updating the status of a tooltip and a timeout occurs.
We are now letting the socket choose the port instead of us coming up with a
random port
Was converting a static string with one character to char type
We were NOT expliciting telling the socket to send the data in the async
callback when we should have been
Incorrectly showing some transfers were successfull (Bug 1540688, 1536670)
Missing null check when seeing what the selected interface was in the options
form (Bug 1533479)

Known Bugs at Release:

Posted by mgenti 2006-08-23