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TFTgallery 0.12 released

Today the new version 0.12 of the powerful media gallery TFTgallery has been released.

After almost one year of development I added some interesting features:

* output of EXIF GPS position
* auto rotation of images
* slide show of albums or selections
* album configuration
* album themes (e. g. marriage, birth, snow)
and much more.

Please don't hesitate to download the new version and install it on your web server.

Posted by Sascha Lorenz 2009-04-03

TFTgallery 0.11.4 released

The new TFTgallery version 0.11.4 can display the scaled images using Lightbox2.
You can see the new feature in action at:

In addition, we are working on a complete new version and therefore we are searching for developers.
If you are interested in collaborating on TFTgallery, please contact us.

Posted by Sascha Lorenz 2008-04-14

TFTgallery 0.11.3 released

Now the new TFTgallery version 0.11.3 is available with a new feature:

Video and audio files can be displayed using browser plugins.
Now you also can use the turkish translation file and the updated swedish, hungarian and greek language files.

As this new version also fixes some bugs, please update your gallery soonly.

Posted by Sascha Lorenz 2007-11-14

TFTgallery 0.11.2 released

Now TFTgallery 0.11.2 is released with several new features: Output of EXIF data, new startup behaviour.
Also a bug occuring in all older TFTgallery versions is fixed: any attacker could see images of directories outside the specified album folder.
All users of TFTgallery are requested to update the version soonly.

Posted by Sascha Lorenz 2007-10-04

TFTgallery 0.11.1 released

TFTgallery now is available in a new version 0.11.1.
This was necessary because hackers found a way to upload malicious files (if the admin password is not changed to an individual one)
Also there is a new installer, so you are led comfortably through the installation procedure.

Posted by Sascha Lorenz 2007-09-08

TFTgallery 0.11 released

TFTgallery is a PHP based web image gallery which doesn't need a database but uses the directory structure. It features on-the-fly thumbnail creation, the ability to change the entire gallery's appearance and layout through a single CSS file, ...

Now the version 0.11 has been released with several new features:
* TFTgallery calendar
* image deep link protection
* cache for the album information
and many bugfixes.

Posted by Sascha Lorenz 2007-08-29