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Text Trix 0.9.3 Released

Text Trix, the cross-platform editor designed for user-friendly text navigation, now sports spell-checking capabilities. Adapted from the jOrtho open-source spelling library, this spell-checker comes complete with inline highlighting and spelling suggestions. The new spell-checker sits alongside the syntax highlighter so that you can quickly see the key parts of your text.

For power users, we have a few additional tweaks in store. Occasionally you might find yourself with an opened file that gets updated behind the scenes by Subversion or another program. The new file modification detection in Text Trix ensures that if an opened file has been modified elsewhere, the editor will detect the update and prompt you to file refresh.

Tab restoration, crucial when you have multiple group tabs with files open from all over your computer, now remembers tabs across multiple windows. If you want to start off on a clean slate, you can start Text Trix with the new "--cleartabs" option to reset the tab memory.

For those of you still running Java 1.4, you're in luck--we have now included separate "jre14" builds just for you.

Posted by David Young 2010-09-02