Text Trix 0.9.1 Released

For awhile the Text Trix editor, a cross-platform software focusing on user-friendly file and text navigation, could display pre-formatted styled text, but now one's own styled text can be created and formatted within the editor.

The editor now offers a formatted text menu and icons, as well as an automatic view switcher for html viewing and saving. Font style, size, color, and alignment can be changed through a new format menu. Files can also be viewed side-by-side through multiple instances of the Text Trix main window. Other changes include a syntax highlighter preference option and fixes for contextual scrolling and remembering auto-indent file extensions.

Note also the addition of a build timestamp in the About screen and other packaging and build improvements under the hood. Much thanks to John Kozalan for spearheading the formatted text additions.

Posted by David Young 2008-07-30