Bug Report: HTML tags

  • Hello and happy new year,

    I found two more errors. To begin with, I open the program and write something
    (in HTML view and longer than one line) and switch it to plain text view so I
    can see my document with the HTML tags.

    First error. It seems that the program "tries" to stop the user to write after
    the , but the writing cursor is at the end of the document when I
    toggle views. So when I write something, the first letter of that I'm writing
    appears and the rest is not shown. But when I hit enter, the text appears as

    And as a second one, while in plain text view, when I delete one line, the one
    after "covers" the one before when the current line is deleted whole.

    Both errors occur when the last line is blank and with no white spaces, in
    HTML view.

    I hope my description was helpful.

  • David Young
    David Young

    Hi grigorni,

    Thanks for asking about this, and happy new year to you too! I was trying out
    what you described, and let me see if I can clarify. You start out in HTML
    view and write text with more than one line, including one final blank line,
    then switch to plain view. When you start typing with the cursor on the line
    after the tag, the first character but not any subsequent ones appear
    until you press enter? I'm able to see all the characters, but let me know if
    you followed different steps.

    For the second error, by "cover" do you mean that the line actually overlaps
    the other line? Also, is this after switching from html to plain view?

    I wonder if it has something to do with the way the application view is
    getting refreshed. If you try covering the program with another window and
    then uncovering it, does it appear normal?

  • Hello davit,

    I write in HTML view:



    Then switch it back to plain view, so that it is shown with the html tags.

    For the first error, the problem occurs when I try to write on the line right
    after the and not next to it

    As an example try to right something like this:



    On my computer only "q" is shown and the rest appears after I hit enter.

    For the second error the line overlaps the other, while in plain view.

    Another thing I noticed when first error occurs, only then second occurs.
    Maybe it has to do something with the java version I use.

    I had a question too. What "letter Pulse" does? As an example: I put letters
    to locate "1" when I have a number string as a text, choose the secs and press
    pulse button. But only the first "1" is highlighted and nothing else happens
    and if I check loop the program crushes after a short while (it try to close
    the pulse letter window).

    Thank you for your time.

  • David Young
    David Young

    Hi grigorni,

    Thanks for outlining those steps. I tried it on my computer and wasn't able to
    get the same thing you did, but perhaps that's because of different Java
    versions? I'm using Java 1.6.0_29 (Java 6 update 29) 64-bit on Windows 7 (and
    tried it on Ubuntu Java 1.6.0_23 too). Do you get the same disappearing text
    if you try it on a different computer?

    Thanks for asking too about Letter Pulse! It's honestly a plugin that I should
    probably remove...it was just to demonstrate the highlighting and timer
    abilities of plugins for the app. I'll try to think of more modern/useful
    plugins to add.

  • Hello davit,

    I used another computer with windows 7 x64 and java version 1.6.0_22 on it and
    I got the error again. Mine has 1.6.0_29 java version.

  • Another thing I wanted to ask. I can see in the program's directory a folder
    "dictionaries", is spell-checking feature fully enabled in the program?
    Sometimes it works, not good enough as it leaves some words unchecked, and
    most of the times it doesn't work at all.

    Sorry for posting twice, but I couldn't find any edit option.

  • David Young
    David Young

    I see it now--I realized that I need to first type in plain view, then switch
    to html, and switch back to plain view to get the disappearing text. Then when
    I delete a line, the following lines appear to get shifted up by two instead
    of just one line so that now they overlap. That is definitely odd, and I will
    take a look into that to see where it might be resulting from/how to fix.

    For the dictionaries, the app does have built-in inline spell-checking, which
    should kick in for any plain text document (ie when there is no syntax
    highlighting). It's not the most sophisticated, but it should work for any
    non-syntax-highlighted document (eg .txt files) while in plain view. If you
    open a new tab and start typing, do you see the red squiggly line for any
    misspelled words? If you're opening a document, the lines may not show up
    until you start typing letters.

    Thanks again for reporting these findings!



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