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Feature REquest

  • GentleGiant

    Love the program. Would be nice if the default sort to adding categories was descending alphabetical. Right now it looks like it just adds it to the list.

    Also, not sure this is you or apple but when I have Spaces turned on and move to the web then back the citation page disappears and I have to quit to get it to show back up.

    Also, having spent 20 years in the computer business when you use words like BibTeX it throws people off. You are asking them to "decode" a complex word and it immediately initiates a fear reaction and that of course makes it harder to understand the program (even though it could be simple they won
    't see it as quickly if at all). (unless they are a techie and know the language of course) Something like BibliographyResearchAssistant decodes much faster. Thanks for listening just a pet-peeve of mine.  Well done keep up the good work.