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  • GentleGiant

    I am trying to test textcite with Bookends (w/Pages) and in following your directions the way they are written doesn't seem to work. At least the way you describe it in the FAQ page. I've assigned the code to the citation. I've tried each of the choices when I "control" click on the citation then pasting the result into my doc. When I go into Bookends and do a "scan document" choice it does not see the citation entries and create my bibliography. If I set up the entries from Bookends and use their special brackets it works fine but I want to use text cite.

    I am not much of a writer although I had to write a lot in my Masters program. But I do like research and want to understand this better so I can set up a process to capture all of my citations to a particular reference. I guess my question is do most people use citations as "markers" to illustrate a point they are trying to make or do they use the "translation" field in TextCite to summarize the key points then copy and past that into the doc? Obviously I wouldn't use the exact text I type as I am copying it right out of the book. Help me better understand how people use this with Bookends. Thanks for your assistance.

    • Erik Norvelle
      Erik Norvelle

      Greetings Giant,

      I have never used Bookends, and don't have any idea of how to integrate TextCite with it.  I have worked with Endnote, Citation and BibTex as bibliography managers, and TextCite works with any of them. 

      You can create custom citation formats, so that when you choose any of the "copy" options, it will copy the text with the reference formatted in the way you need.  You can set the custom citation formats in the Preferences dialog, in the "Export" pane.  There's a discussion in the manual about how to create custom citation formats.

      In order to make this work, you need ot know about how Bookends needs its citations to be formatted; I can't help you there.  In general, you'll need to find out what kind of format Bookends is looking for when it does its "scan document" operation, and then you need to create a custom citation export format in TextCite to match Bookends's needs.  That means reading the Bookends manual and/or asking on the Bookends user forums to get more info.

      As far as how to use TextCite for writing, the "Translation" field is for citation text as translated into your native language; the "Commentary" field is for you to put your observations and comments on the text. 

      Good luck!

    • MEHJG

      I haven't tried this with Pages, but I tried it with plain-old TextEdit, and got it to work by setting the custom citation format to: {$L, $Y} $P so that should work in any program that produces RTF files that Bookends scans. As long, that is, as you don't have more than one publication per year per author; if you do, you'll have to try something else.  It seems that Bookends will recognize various formats for the reference.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work in Mellel, which handles the Bookends references differently because it integrates more tightly with Bookends... (I say "unfortunately" because I got Mellel and Bookends as part of a MacUpdate deal, hoping that they'd get along with TextCite, but they don't do that very well).