> It's before my time. Either Benito has added this or it came from TexMaker.

I added it, so it fits better to the desktop environment

I think, when people see the same icons in all programs, they will know what they mean...

the default theme (which one is it BTW?).
Usually classic.

But when Texmaker is installed, it imports its configuration and it becomes usually modern...


On 09/18/2012 02:08 PM, Denis Bitouzé wrote:
Le mardi 18/09/12 à 12h57,
"Tim Hoffmann" <hoffmann@hiskp.uni-bonn.de> a écrit :

It's before my time. Either Benito has added this or it came from

I don't have a stong opinion on this issue. Just note, that with the
Classic and Modern theme there are already two different built-in
Yes but the manual could follow the rule (and should precise it) that
the screenshots and icons it displays are for the default theme (which
one is it BTW?).

plus windows look slightly different on different OS.
Maybe from color or window decoration, but not from the shapes of the

Since it is unreasonable to maintain manuals for all these different
I agree.

I wouldn't worry too much on system theme icons. It's just a couple
of them and users should be familiar with them anyway.
I don't agree :) For instance, the bold button on my system is
format-text-bold.png joined, rather different from text-bold.png (the
one of Modern theme). So it should be better for TXS to provide its own
icons that cannot be overridden by the system and, hence, be able to
provide as much as possible uniform and helpful screenshots.

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