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#742 Cannot unindent without selection

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Ubuntu 14.04 64bit all official updates as of Jul 7, 2014
texstudio-2.8.0-1~ppa3~trusty from
texlive 2013 manual installation, updated frequently with tlmgr

There's a few problems with backtab support that I can see:

  1. The default shortcut for Unindent selection is Shift+Backtab, but it should read "Shift+Tab" or "Backtab"
  2. The only behavior I can find similar to a typical programmers backtab is "Delete left character". This has obvious disadvantages if spaces are used instead of tab characters.
  3. I can only assign Shift+Backtab to one behavior, "Delete left character" or "Unindent selection". If I leave it as the default key binding of "Unindent selection", then when no text is highlighted, backtab moves focus out of the editor and to the little bookmark shortcut icons in the bottom right of the window. I would instead expect backtab to remove either a tab or the equivalent in spaces from the left of my cursor iff my cursor is at the start of text on a line (i.e. to replicate common behavior in programming notepads like sublime-text or even gedit).
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  • Matt Mower
    Matt Mower

    I didn't mean to post that anonymously. I am the reporter.

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