#708 Splash screen improvement

Tomáš Staudek

Running TeXstudio several times a day, I am somewhat uneasy about the first impression of its splash screen. The graphics is so 1990-ish, reminding me more AmiPro or MS Word than (La)TeX. Have you considered bringing it closer to visual purity of TeX? I'm attaching a quick graphic idea...

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  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Thank you for you propsal. If you are looking at thinks very often, you just take them as they are. Now thinking about the splash screen anew, I admit that you have a certain point concerning "visual purity" and "1990-ish". That said, none of the core developers is a graphics designer. We neither have the time nor probably the skill for a really refined design. So contributions in that area are very welcome (also for icons in the application - just as a remark :)).

    Your proposal is definitively more elegant than the current spash screen. Here are some furhter toughts of mine:

    • There could be a little more contrast. Especially the text looks a bit faded.

    • On it's own, I'd directly prefer it to the old splash screen. But it's a strong break with the current design and would not really fit with the current TXS icon and the website.

    • A bit color would be good. I'm not much a fan of all in grey. Color doesn't have to scream at you, but it can set some accents. In particular, I would like to maintain/establish a unique color palette which makes it easy to recognize TXS from the color (like MS-Word is blue, Acrobat is red, Qt is green). That's currently the case for the TXS icon, the splash screen, the website.

    • Also one should think about the subtitle. We currently have "LaTeX made comfortable" on the website, though it may be an idea to broaden that to your suggestion of "easy and comfortable editing". Maybe. While LaTeX will continue to be the primary focus, there's now someting going on about experimental support of ConTeXt. Anyway, as with color we should be consistent on the splash screen and on the website.

    So I think there are two options. The large one: Design a completely new appearance for TXS including icon, splash screen, and website (maybe even partly the icons in TXS itself). If you or someone else is interested, you are welcome to talk to us. Or the small one: Just make the splashscreen a bit nicer. Then I'd stick a bit closer to what we have. While I'm no designer, I could imagine that coloring the TeXstudio text violett (like the webpage) and changing the subtitle to 'LaTeX made comfortable' would make your proposal a better match to the existing context of the application.

    • Tim -- thank you for your feedback. I have made some improvements to splash screen graphics according to your remarks:

      -- There is more contrast between text and background illustration. Furthermore, the program title is rendered in color and casts a slight shadow, so it is better distinguishable.

      -- I have added violet color cast that follows the "unique color" concept: I definitely agree with you on that point.

      -- I sticked to the "LaTeX made comfortable" claim to maintain consistency.

      Also, I attach proposal for the icon upgrade. When you scale the current icon down to 128x128 pixels, math formulas will become unreadable. With further scaling down, I am failing to recognize the studio lamp -- it blends into a colorful spot. For instance, the favicon at your website is practically illegible.

      It's up to you guys if you take this path. I understand it is sometimes hard to break away from the legacy and start something different -- especially in visual framework. I just wanted to contribute a graphic designer's opinion.

      Anyway, should you stick to the current design, I'd recommend to take better care of kerning the "TeX" ligature in the icon. The space between "E" and "X" is too wide, and perhaps I'd push the letter "E" a bit upwards.

      All files are attached in a zip archive; you can download it from http://bit.ly/1kEwURz

  • I like the ideas behind our current logo:

    • math formulas that symbolize how important tex is for math and vice versa (paper writing is far more common than book writing)

    • many little details, so you can should discover something new whenever you look at it for a while (might need more formulas)

    • the lamps fit the "studio" part of the name

  • Hey,
    I can't see why the splash screen should markup things as formulas and studio lamps.
    Tomáš has done a great job to make TeXstudio more appealing and look more user-friendly. So why not change the logos to a modern design?

    I would really appreciate that!

    Best regards,