#452 Top-and-bottom (stacked) embedded pdf viewer


I find it difficult to use a side-by-side view of the embedded (or windowed) viewer. Often on one half of my screen, I have some document that I need to use while TXS is open. This makes it difficult to use a side-by-side view for the pdf viewer as it means I only have 1/4 of my sreen width to view the pdf. This is extremely difficult to use especially on smaller monitors.

To clarify what I mean by top-and-bottom, if a monitor (in landscape position) is split into 4 quadrants with the browser or document open on the right side, then it takes up quadrant 1 and 4. Then, for example, having the editor window in quadrant 2 and the viewer in quadrant 3 (but still embedded); hence a top-and-bottom display.

I would use Skim as a work around, Skim does not update when I make changes to the tex file and select Build & View. I have to first close the Skim window, then select Build & View in order for it to work. (I've gone through the manual to make sure everything was set up properly.)

Either fix would be very helpful. Thanks for your time.


  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    What is the advantage of Skim over the windowed viewer in your scenario? You can have TXS in quadrant 2 and the windowed viewer in quadrant 3.

    To make Skim automatically updating, see

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