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I work on my latex document from various places. So every time, I write some sections in my latex document and if I add some words which are not already present in the dictionary, I have to re-add them, if I have corrected them from other place. I guess that for whatever words we say 'always ignore', it only does its job for that particular texstudio and not for the document. So I have to re-check the document again, which takes a lot of time. I think it would be nice to add such features that can enable one to add some words to he dictionary, which is fixed for that document only and are available if one wants to use from other places.


  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    The ignore list is saved in a file (e.g. en_GB.ign). If possible together with the dictionary, otherwise in the configuration directory (system dependent), which also contains the texstudio.ini

    Currently there are three possible workarounds for your problem:
    1) Copy the .ign file when moving to another computer e.g. by script
    2) move the dictionaries along with your document. i.e. make a dictionaries sub folder in your project folder and set the dictionary path in TeXstudio->Options to it.
    3) Use the "USB mode" of TeXstudio: If there is a texstudio.ini present in the directory of texstudio.exe, all settings are saved locally in that folder. You can carry around the program along with it's settings (and of course the dictionaries).


  • Anonymous

    ohh, quite complicated. But I will manage, thanks!!!

  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Request: Allow for local ignore lists.
    Could be specified by % !TeX spell-ignore = file

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  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Note: Since hg 4195 (4f126623452e) it is possible to specify multiple search paths for dictionaries. You can use [txs-app-dir] and [txs-settings-dir] in them, which resolve to the path of the executable or texstudio.ini respectively. Not exactly thre request, but maybe it already helps.