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The autocompletion in TexmakerX is very useful and powerful and I really appreciate it. I ever used Kile and the autocompletion in Kile, in some sence, more powerful than TexmakerX. In Kile, for example, if I use a certain word, say "network", for many times, next time when I write "net" the system will give a clue of "nueralnetwork", which is very useful. I wonder if TexmakerX can own this powerful feature.


  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Not really sure, what this is good for. Do you want it for plain text? TXS does not autocomplete plain text at all.

  • beg to differ, it does support normal text completion.
    To do so it looks for word beginning with the same letters.
    I don't know how kile sorts the completion words, but i believe it is rather odd to write "net" if you actually want to write neuralnetwork. If you happen to have many similar words, you might want to use prefix completion by pressing tab: e.g type neu and you might get neuralthings neuralnetwork neuralwhatsoever. By pressing tab, it completes to neural and open again all posibble completion words,

  • Qt Creator does it nicely, with completion for each subword.
    Write neNe and it suggests neuralNetwork...

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