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#184 no search across line breaks

qcodeedit (21)

If a search is started for two words that span over two lines they can not be found.


  • This is an interesting problem, but definitely not a bug!

    I doubt this can be solved without rewriting the complete search behaviour.

  • I already assumed that it would require a rewrite of the search engine.

    I use to search for larger text string when I correct a large document. On my printed paper I take a unqie string and search for it to find the code containing it. This however fails very often in hard wrap mode.

    If this a is a bug or a feature is likely a matter of perspective. From the user a bug and from the devs a feature request...

  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    This is not solving the issue itself, but a suggestion for a more convenient way to locate parts of the text. And it doesn't suffer from the seach issue:

    When I want to find a position in a printed paper, I open the PDF in the internal viewer and use inverse search (Ctrl+Click). In many cases you'll identify characteristic parts of the text very easily, so this is usually faster than typing long strings.