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#139 WYSIWYG edit dialog for table manipulation

texmakerx (140)

Expectually when manipulation large tables (e.g. longtable environment) an advanced graphical user interface for manipulation cell data in tables would be very usefull. The following features should be supported:
+ read in existing latex tables
+ provide cell content manipulation functions
+ sort columns
+ copy & paste cells
+ take advantage of rowspan und rolspan feature
+ save tables to latex
+ usage of tabular, tabularx and longtable environments
+ format cells and tables
+ find & replace on selected parts
+ show table names in structure view

These features are compareable to an Excel light like interface which read from and writes to a latex code base.


  • Anonymous

    Alternatively, could an "autoformat" tool be implemented for tables? In combination with the possibility to make block selections, it would allow a lot of table operations to be carried out simply, and offer an almost WYSIWYG view of the table. There is an example for Auctex here:

    The third-party software mentioned by denisbitouze works, but it forces one to keep an spreadsheet copy of each and all the tables in a document, in order to modify them if needed.

  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Note: Meanwile we have an autoformat tool for tables