How to do tex -> dvi -> ps -> pdf in TeXstudio?

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  • Hi,
    How do I perform the file format sequence tex -> dvi -> ps -> pdf in TeXstudio? I know how to do it using the Ubuntu command line (i.e., using "latex test.tex" followed by "dvips test.dvi" followed by "ps2pdf"), but how is this done within TeXstudio 2.5.1?


  • On the "build" config page you can choose "dvi->ps->pdf chain" for
    "build & view"

    • I selected "dvi->ps->pdf chain" for "build & view" but no dvi file is being produced. What do I have to do to ensure that a dvi is produced from a tex file?

  • you can directly call the apropriate commands via the menu Tools/Commands/...
    Your selection is "latex", "dvi->ps" etc.
    Please check that the latex commands are working correctly , for example by using Help/Check latex installation