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problem with pdf viewer

TXS - Help
  • mario fiorini
    mario fiorini

    I am having a problem when trying to open a pdf from within TexmakerX. I get
    the following message "there was an error opening this document. this file
    cannot be found". The pdf file is there (created within texmaker) and I can
    open it from Windows explorer. I also made sure that in texmaker the pdf
    viewer has the correct path to Adobe Acrobat. Then I googled the error message
    and someone posted the following `The problem has to do with having spaces in
    the path/filename of the PDF that is passed to Adobe Reader when opening it
    from another application. If there are spaces in a path/filename, Adobe Reader
    will not parse it. To correct the problem, the application launching the PDFs
    need to embed literal double quotes around the path/filename.' I do not know
    whether this is the problem in Texmaker but thought it might be cause there
    are spaces in the path and filename. Any thoughts?


  • mario fiorini
    mario fiorini

    sorry, I double checked and realized that my path and filename do not have any
    space. But still, cannot read the pdf from texmaker. I am using Adobe Acrobat

  • what entry do you have in "option/commands/pdf viewer" ?

  • mario fiorini
    mario fiorini

    "C:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 8.0/Acrobat/Acrobat.exe" %.pdf

  • Try "C:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 8.0/Acrobat/Acrobat.exe" "?am.pdf"

  • mario fiorini
    mario fiorini

    it worked! thanks!! so why are those additional characters at the end of the
    path needed?

  • "?am.pdf" means:
    ": quote it to allow spaces
    ?: give a file name with
    a: absolute file path
    m: base file name
    .pdf: file ending .pdf

    % is equivalent to "?m", without absolute path.