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Multiple Master Documents

TXS - Help
  • t.schreiter


    Currently, I am working on multiple papers. Each of them is split into several
    .tex files. When I am working on one paper, I would like to have exactly those
    files opened that belong to that paper.

    How can I easily switch between those papers, without manually opening and
    closing every single file and manually setting the master document?


  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    There is currently no session management and you can only have one master
    document at a time.

    The best you can do with little effort, is
    File -> Close All
    File -> Open Recent -> (the number of documents shown there can be increased
    in the options)
    This sets up the master document. You have to open the child documents
    manually. But that's fairly easy via the structure view.

    Alternatively you could write a script that opens certain files:
    Of course you could extend it by scanning the first file for inclusion
    commands and opening them automatically.
    See User Tags / Macros and section 4.5 in the manual.

    Also you could make a shell script and start a new instance:
    texstudio otherFile1 otherFile2 masterFile --master --start-always

  • alternatively the concept of the "master document" is slightly obsolete.
    If you have a master and child documents open in texstudio, txs recognized the
    relationship and compiles the master document when viewing a child documnet.
    (and also uses all info from all open child documents for completion/reference
    Thus you can have opened two "master" documents with its child documents and
    txs applies the actions to the respective parent document
    (compilation,reference checking,user defined command completion)
    Mind you that only open documents are considered and the master document
    (parent) has to be open as well.