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  • Pat Schweitzer
    Pat Schweitzer

    Didn't you have a citation hover-over?

    Meaning, whenever I hovered over \cite{Bibentry1} it acutally gave me the
    bibtex code, so I could see whether I cited (\cite) the correct paper.
    (similar to \ref). Now it just marks the citation in green and tells me
    "citation correct".

    Would be awesome to have it. Thanx

  • Pat Schweitzer
    Pat Schweitzer

    Eh... forgot to say, I am using SVN 1233.

  • test

  • I don't think that was ever implemented, because tmx just extracts the
    ids from the bibtex files and doesn't even store the surrounding lines
    of the file.

    But I will write it on the todo list

  • Pat Schweitzer
    Pat Schweitzer

    Cool, Thanks!

    Also thanks for fixing the comment issue. Forgot to login there...


  • Anonymous

    I see this is an old post and was never implemented unfortunately, although it
    sounds easy to fix. Keeping track of correct bibliographic citations is my
    biggest problem for my current document (PhD Thesis), as my auto generated
    keys are just author and date, yet some authors have many entries and I have
    to go to the bibliography and look them up. I am using JabRef, which I find
    good, and they have integration for some editors, although this would not be
    required for TeXstudio if the title or other bib data was given with hove over
    or click.