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  • Pat Schweitzer
    Pat Schweitzer

    Sorry, one more...

    I've noticed there is no spellchecking in commads. Such as \longversion{}
    which I defined myself.
    (At least no spellchecking until the end of the line.) Can I somewhere define
    in which commands to spellcheck nonetheless?

    Another Idea that just came to my mind,
    I know how to switch from one dictionary to another, but would it be possible
    to simply allow two dictionaries at the same time? I sometimes write documents
    in two languages... I can put that as a feature request if it's not to
    specific to me...

  • if you define commands in a cwl-file for completion, all commands which
    contain the argument text as in \xyzcmd{text} are used for spell checking. All
    other commands are ignored.
    I don't think that hunspell can handle more than one dictionary. It is not
    really useful anyway, as you don't mix the languages arbitrarily.

  • Pat Schweitzer
    Pat Schweitzer

    thanks for that, I managed to get it to work. I also read Section 4.12 of the
    documentation because I wanted to enable inline
    preview in these custom commands, but I couldn't figure out how to do that.

    I tried combining two dictionaries into one, but that somehow didn't go as
    planned. I know there is a command in latex with which you can declare parts
    of the text as a different language... Thought that might be helpful for that.
    (Plus I sometimes ewrite comments in my native tongue. )