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Main memory usage exceeds 1 GB

TXS - Help
  • t.schreiter


    Currently I am in the process of writing a large document (250 pages), and
    Texstudio is a great tool supporting this task. Thanks for that.

    There is an issue with large documents, however. When I open the pdf with the
    built-in viewer, the texstudio process uses a lot of memory. When scrolling
    through the document, more and more memory is used. I found instances of more
    than 1GB. Furthermore, Texstudio tends to crash more the larger the document

    Since Texstudio saves often, this is not a big issue, but can be a bit
    annoying if one is in the middle of a task.

    Are there workarounds for this issue?


  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Did you try the latest 2.4 beta?

    The memory consumption results from the page cache of the viewer. We have
    still to find out, why it crashes on large documents. Anyway we have reduced
    the cache size in 2.4 beta, which hopefully circumvents the problem. At least
    I didn't notice any more crashes (though im working only on a 150 page

  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    note: possible crash fixed in rev. 3287. It is also now possible to set the
    cache size.