Persistent keyboard shortcuts

Meho R.
  • Meho R.
    Meho R.


    In my daily use of TexMakerX one thing still bothers me: my custom shortcuts
    (for sectioning units, footnotes etc.) get lost when I close the program and
    start it again (sometimes not on the second run, but after the second or third
    or later run; can't say if it's random). Is there a remedy for this, to make
    my shortcuts stay after I define them?

    And sorry if there was a discussion about this, I couldn't find it since SF
    for some reason display only the first page of topics, others are empty :/

  • please open a bug in the bug tracker and add information on operating system,
    tmx version and any other helpful information

  • Meho R.
    Meho R.

    I wanted to see first if anyone else encountered the same issue, or was there
    a discussion about this. I don't want to make you devs spend your time and
    effort in hunting a bug which maybe doesn't even exist (I'm trying to
    reproduce it and taking notes in the process. If I succeed in reproducing it,
    I will submit a bug report).

    BTW, when submitting a bug report, or feature request, to whom should I assign
    it or to leave unassigned?

  • just leave it unassigned.
    That point is rather information for you which developer feels responsible for
    solving the problem.

  • Meho R.
    Meho R.

    This morning shortcuts got lost again. I filed a bug report, ID: 2975121