Internal viewer and compiling

  • Hi,

    thanks for the editor, I like it very much. The only thing that is bothering
    me is that every time I compile while the file is still open in the internal
    viewer, I get one warning:
    C://blabla.pdf does not look like a valid PDF document.
    Do you want to open it anyways? It could cause a crash.

    Is there a workaround? For example, I could create a new macro for quick build
    that is closing the viewer first, but what's the command?

  • Has nobody else this problem?

  • which version of txs do you use ?
    txs usually checks, if the pdf is valid and waits for 2 seconds to try again.
    If the pdf has not changed during that time, the warning is issued. Apparently
    the file is either not updated or the pdflatex (or whatever you are using) is
    doing something else instead of changing the pdf.
    So what do you compile. How long does it take to compile ?

  • I use version 2.3. I am compiling with pdflatex, but it takes around a minute
    to compile. The document has several pgfplots and tikzpictures in it, so it
    takes a while.

  • can you try txs 2.4 (just to keep it simpler here)

  • Thank you, 2.4 works fine!

  • Is there a reason why the reader is not in fullsize after compiling?

  • Currently the size is resetted to the last size it had.

    So if you maximize the reader and close it, it will be shown in full
    size after the next compilation

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