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sweave and texmakerx

  • Sebastian Daza
    Sebastian Daza

    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know how to integrate texmakerx and sweave on Windows? I mean, to
    run .rnw files directly from texmakerx and get a pdf or dvi file.

    Thank you in advance,

  • you might simply set your sweave-command as latex-command in the command
    options ...

    apart from that, tmx assumes that tex-files have a .tex ending and activates
    all the latex stuff only then ...

  • Sebastian Daza
    Sebastian Daza

    thank you for your reply. my question is how to set the sweave-command as
    latex-command. I have no idea how to do it. do you know any resource or
    webpage with that information? Now I can get a pdf using a two-stage approach:
    1) run the sweave command from R, 2) then, run the .tex file from tmx. I want
    to get the pdf directly from tmx not using R.


  • i don't know sweave. Aren't there any manuals which describe how to do it ?

  • Sebastian Daza
    Sebastian Daza

    Finally, I could run the file Sweave.bat using cmd (command line) on Windows.
    An example would be:

    ./Sweave.dat test.Rnw

    With this command I can get directly a pdf file (with graphs and code from R).
    I have tried to set up the command-options in textmakerx using:

    "C:/batchfiles/Sweave.bat" %.Rnw

    But I just get:
    Process started
    Process exited normally

    And I don't get any results. Do you think that it is possible to set up this
    kind of process in texmaker? I am using the Dvi Viewer command option to write
    this line: "C:/batchfiles/Sweave.bat" %.Rnw , but it doesn't work.

    Thank you in advance.

  • what is in your sweave.bat file ?
    Have you tried to print the detected file name in the .bat-file ?
    Do have tried to print the working directory in the .bat-file ?