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how to install to redhat 6.3

  • hi all
    sorry if it is a trivial question, but i am new to linux.
    Which one shall I download from the ones on the page http://texstudio.sourcef

    to install texstudio on a redhat 6.3 workstation.


  • since i have not found out, how the appropriate package is called on red hat,
    no rpm for red hat can be offered at the moment.
    The package in question is poppler-qt-dev. (or whatever it is called on red
    If you can provide that information, we can generate a package for red hat as

  • Hi again
    actually I have installed it from the source tarball and it is working now.
    The missing packages like qt4, poppler, qt4-poppler etc can be installed via
    Then you run 'sudo sh', and follow the instructions
    the author of this topic

  • By the way, the package you are asking for is called: poppler-qt-devel.x86_64

    -the author of this topic