"Use single line selection as Sear...

  • Could you describe me, what does this option mean?

  • If this option is checked and you select text in the editor and this selection
    doesn't span multiple lines and you then open the find panel (ctrl+f), this
    selected text is copied in the search panel edit box and used as search word .

    If this option is not checked and you select text in the editor and open the
    find panel (ctrl+f), the selection is used as search scope.

  • Thank you!
    But, we have an other problematic string: "Refresh search underlying context
    (as an attempt to correct search behavior)"
    Perhaps, this is the last one. Could you describe it? :)

  • I think you can translate it as "don't click here".

    What the button did in the past was to destroy the current search cache and
    create a new one, which was useful, if the synchronization between search
    panel and document text got lost. But this shouldn't happen anymore. (although
    it now seems to happen, if you click on this button)

  • Do the users need this feature? It seems to me it's a pointless function, as
    you describe...

  • Probably not, but I was to lazy to remove the button (and there could perhaps
    still be situations where it is useful)

  • Do you plan doing something with this button before the new release?

  • Oh... You vanished it! Great :-)

    Thank you!