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#862 How to "forget" files that are closed?

Kirill Müller

When I close a file pane in TeXstudio, it seems to simply hide that pane and not fully close it. However, it's removed from the tree. When the file behind that pane is deleted externally, TeXstudio complains.

I understand that files are hidden instead of being closed for performance reasons. Is there a timeout or something like that after which they are forgotten? Also, I think it would help to see those files in the tree, perhaps under a special node "closed files", and also be able to finally close those files from there. Finally, is there a way to "refresh" a file, i.e. to completely reload all information TeXstudio might have computed about that file, from its contents on disk?


  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Keeping documents hidden and not completely closed is not primarily for performance reasons. They contain information relevant for open documents in multi-file projects (e.g. labels, newcommand definitions, inculuded packages ...).

    Is it just the complaining on deletion what's bothering you (we should change to handle that silently for hidden files) or do you really need more control over that? Ideally the user shouldn't have to care about these internals.

  • removed files from disc are purged from memory

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  • Kirill Müller
    Kirill Müller

    Thanks, that should do it for now. Manual file refresh is still unresolved (in some situations TeXstudio has a wrong idea about the actual file contents on disk), but I can open another issue for that later.