#611 Often crash by SIGSEGV error

Vilem Novak

I am using TEXstudio heavily -several hours per day on Airbook under MacOs 10.7.4. Unfortunately, it often (once per 1-2 hours) happens that the system crashes by referring to SIGSEGV error - quite unexpectedly during the work, i.e. editing source text with frequent Cmd C, X, V use, repeated
compiling (using pdflatex) and switching from source to pdfviewer and back.


  • which version of txs are you using ?
    Do you get a backtrace on the crashes ?

  • Vilem Novak
    Vilem Novak

    I am using TEXstudio 2.4. Backtrack is difficult to obtain since the crash is quite unexpected
    during the work. But I will try when it again occurs.

  • are you able to compile txs yourself and let it run in a debugger ?

  • It is supposed to create files like /tmp/texstudio_backtrace*.txt, when
    a SIGSEGV occurs.

    (although I don't know how to convert the addresses from that file in
    usable function names, without having a mac debug version )

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  • Vilem Novak
    Vilem Novak

    Unfortunately, I do not have programming tools on my Airbook, I am pure Latex user. Anyway, when the error occurs, I will try to get some kind of backtrace. Yesterday, it happened 3 times, today not yet.

  • Vilem Novak
    Vilem Novak

    Hello, today TEXstudio crashed again. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain some memory log, but the trace was as follows:
    1. I have altogether 5 opened files, 4 tex + 1 bib
    2. I copied about 100 lines from one tex file to another one on which I am currently working.
    3. I ran PdfLatex (TEXLive) on the current file. The compilation was OK and I switched then to the internal PDF viewer.
    4. I switched from PDF viewer back to the source file using cmd' .
    5. I moved through the source file using the down arrow and the system suddenly crashed by the SIGSEGV error.

  • is the crash reproducible ? (at the exact same point ?)

  • Vilem Novak
    Vilem Novak

    Hello, today Texstudio crashed 2 times on the same file. I had 4 files open. When opening the 5th one (attached), Texstudio crashed, fell into a loop and I had to invoke force quit. Then I opened it again. Texstudio did not crash immediately as in the first time. However, I first
    copied the whole file into another file with which I am currently working and then I deleted from this included file all the introductory lines begining with \documentclass until abstract - and then the crash occurred again.

  • there is no file attached.
    can you send it by mail ?
    (sunderme at gmx de)

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  • can't be reproduced, fixes have been introduced, so maybe fixed with next version