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#504 Issues with Math Preview

texmakerx (236)

I am very new to Latex and have just installed TeXstudio. I have this issue with the Math Preview feature: whenever i want to preview any expression (for example, $\alpha$) in my editor, this is the message i get:

Process started: latex -src -interaction=nonstopmode "p11248".tex

Process exited with error(s)

Process started: dvipng -T tight -D 120 "p11248".dvi

Process exited with error(s)

I have MikTex installed and am using Adobe Reader 8 as my default pdf viewer. Any inputs?
I tried this on two systems, i had the issue on both.


  • Guillaume

    • What version of TXS do you use?
    • Can you compile the following example (using pdflatex) ?

    %% Begin Example
    %% End Example

    • Do you have any errors?
    • If yes, can you run in the cmd (Start, Run, type "cmd" or "command") the command "latex --version" and copy/paste the result?
  • Ahmed

    Thanks astroscion!

    The version i am using is TeXstudio 2.3 (SVN 2471). I ran your program and it compiled with no errors at all. Further, the inline math preview also worked with the example!

    However, it still doesn't work with this other document i am writing. This document also compiles (pdflatex) with zero-errrors

  • What's the content of preview file?
    (The file is in your temporary directory with a name like "p11248".tex, randomly choosen everytime)

  • Denis Bitouzé
    Denis Bitouzé

    Maybe not related to this problem, but to check anyway: it is generally advised not to use Adobe Reader as PDF viewer for working on LaTeX documents because it locks the PDF files when they are open and hence forbid any PDFLaTeX compilation of the corresponding .tex file.

    Do you try with the TeXstudio internal PDF viewer instead of Adobe Reader?

  • The viewer doesn't matter, the preview uses latex/dvipng, not pdflatex

  • Tim Hoffmann
    Tim Hoffmann

    Is this still an issue? If so, please provide a minimal example, in which the preview is not working as it should.

  • no answer...

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