#17 TexRef equivalent in TXC

Tino Weinkauf
Raphael Goubet

It would be nice to have an equivalent of TeXRef (Emacs'
package) in TXC. This would let the user keep track of
labels, avoiding duplicates, and making it easier to find
an existing label (very useful for long, complex

The list of labels could appear in the Objects tab of the
Navigator bar. Double-clicking on a label would insert a
reference to that label (\ref{...}). Duplicates could be
marked in the list. Of course, labels could also appear in
the structure view.

Also, if parsing the BibTeX file appearing in the Files tab
is possible, a list of BibTeX entries could appear in the
objects tab. Double-clicking on an entry would insert a
\cite command for that entry (and, for instance, shift-
double-click would only insert the entry name, for
multiple citations). Since a BibTeX file can get big,
typing a letter if the selected item is in the "BibTeX
entries" tree branch would position the selection to the
first entry name beginning with that letter.

Finally, a list of all \index commands would be useful, to
keep track of already created index entries.


  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    TeXRef: Did you noticed the possibility to insert references
    using the navigator-view? Right-Click on an item (that has a
    label in your tex-project). Is this, what you wanted?

    Double-Clicking: Added a feature request.

    BibTeX-Parsing: Added a feature request.

    \index: Sorry, Raphael, I don't know, what you mean by this.
    Please explain.

    Cool Ideas, Raphael. Like them.


  • Raphael Goubet
    Raphael Goubet

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    TeXRef: Not quite. The existing function in TXC works only if a sectionning
    command is immediately followed by a label. But labels can be inserted
    anywhere in the text. My idea is that they should also be available in the
    navigator bar. Moreover, a specific list of labels might help the user keep
    track of the labels he defines, and avoid duplicates.

    \index: I was
    thinking about the \index command of the Makeindex package. I thought
    a little more about it:

    If an \index command is inserted for an
    already existing entry, no new item is created in the navigator bar list. But
    a counter appears next to the entry showing the number of occurence of
    this entry (so, for instance, the user can know that if an entry appears to
    often, he should be more specific and use sub-entries). Sub-entries
    should appear as sub-branches in the tree view. Page range entries
    should be treated as regular entries. "See" entries should also be
    displayed as such (not necessary to implement a hyperlink to the linked
    entry). Finally, if an entry uses the <sort key>@<entry> construct, the
    sort key should be used for display in the navigator bar, and entry should
    appear in brackets.

    That would be quite a challenge, I suspect. :-

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    TeXRef: Well, we can do this. No problem. I will add a

    \index: Yes, another good idea. More support for
    MakeIndex. I will add a feature request.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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  • Raphael Goubet
    Raphael Goubet

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  • Raphael Goubet
    Raphael Goubet

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