#1493 TeXnicCenter 2.02 64Bit freezes on save/end of compiling


Dear Developers,

inexplicably I was experiencing regular freezing with TeXnicCenter 2.02 64Bit on a Windows 8.1 Pro Update laptop, using MikTeX 2.9 64bit as well as SumatraPDF as a viewer.
(Post processing is set up for the nomenclature package and glossary package)

  • TeXnicCenter would freeze on saving
  • TeXnicCenter would freeze at the end of compiling
    The freezing was not related to the size of the document or the number of files.

-> Reinstallation of TeXnicCenter has not resolved the issue.
-> Reinstallation of MikTeX did not solve the issue.

The issue was not present from the start (when I first installed TeXnicCenter 2.0.2 64Bit), I suspect it may relate to some runtime or similar which received an update at some point.

A temporary workaround which works for me is using the 32Bit version of TeXnicCenter which has no problems.


  • Anonymous

    I'm experiencing the same with TeXnicCenter 2.02 stable (64 bit) using MikTeX 2.9 and SumatraPDF. Freezes randomly for 5-20 seconds when saving and compiling independently on project. I've tried with three different projects.

    I just reinstalled TeXnicCenter and MikTeX but it made no difference.

    However, I tried running TeXnicCenter as administrator and I haven't experienced any freezes since.

    Edit: I'm running Windows 7

    Last edit: Anonymous 2014-09-30

  • Anonymous

    I am experiencing the same issue, with TexnicCenter 2.02 stable 64 bit, Miktex 2.9 and using sumatrapdf.
    The 32bit version works without freezing for me.



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