#86 One-Click Project Creation for existing Documents

Tino Weinkauf
Tino Weinkauf

The Users in the mailing list demand a simple solution for creating a
project. Here an excerpt from the mails:

Ok. I see. Creating
a project with TXC is multi-click operation. It is
quite easy, if one
creates a totally new project without any content or
content from a template. BUT to create a project for an already

existing document is somehow a horror. I know. TXC will ask
you a lot of
questions before you have what you

Well, we need to change that. What about this one-
click solution: We
provide a new command like "Create a
project with the active file as the
main file of the project". So you
just load the starting file of your
document into TXC, press one
button and hence you have the project and
all the features are
available. The new project file is created in the
directory of the
active/main file. How does that sound?


  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    Forgot to say:

    This command needs to be disabled, if a project is

  • Sven Wiegand
    Sven Wiegand

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    Sounds like a good solution. And I think the command should
    also be available if there is already an open project. This
    should have the same effect as creating a new project: TXC
    would ask the user to save changes to the current project,
    close it then and create a new one.

    Additionally I am thinking about a different/additional
    solution: What about a command: 'Open as project'. When
    choosing this command the user can open a TeX file, TXC
    creates a temporary project file for this one and removes
    the temporary project file if the user closes the file.

    No matter which way we will implement this -- we do need
    such a feature urgently!

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    Availibility if a project is opened: I find this a bit
    misleading. What does this function mean, if a project is
    opened? Will the active project get a new main file? Or will
    TXC create a totally new project? I understand, that you
    want the second behaviour. But I already see all the user
    questions: "Hey, how does it work?".

    I think, its better if they are forced to first close a
    project and then create a new one using this function. Maybe
    I am wrong. I am not sure on this.

    Open as project: Funny, I thought about the same today. I
    saw my girlfriend working with TXC. She opened a
    tex-main-file although there was a project-file in the
    directory. Crazy, these users. I thought, whether TXC could
    check the directory for a tcp-file with the same name as the
    loaded tex-file - and ask the user to load this project
    instead of the tex-file.

    But: The project must not have the same name as its main
    tex-file. So TXC needs to scan all tcp-files in this
    directory? Well, mostly there is just one.

    But: The project file does not need to be in the same
    directory as its main file. It gets funnier... We need to
    scan the whole drive... ;-)

    Ok, lets get real: What you suggested ('Open as project'),
    Sven, is not very far from the original request. As it is
    requested now, the user would load a file and press a
    button. Thats it. The only difference is, that TXC is not
    removing it afterwards.

    Ok, now we have 3 problems:
    1. Availibility of the command.
    2. Scanning for a tcp-file, if the user loads a tex-file.
    3. 'Open as project' with deleting the tcp afterwards.

    What are your opinions on these?


  • Sven Wiegand
    Sven Wiegand

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    1) Maybe we could meet in the middle with the availibility
    of the command: The command is disabled if there is an open
    project and the project's main file is the active one. If
    the active document isn't the open project's main file, the
    command is available. This would bar the user from
    overwriting his current project.

    I could also live with the solution, that we totally disable
    the command if there is an open project. The real problem
    with the windows GUI is, that there is no chance to tell a
    user *why* a command is disabled. Maybe the user won't
    understand, why the command isn't available or thinks,
    something with his current TeX-file is wrong.

    2) Regarding Tino's second point: I also thought about this,
    but came to the same solution as Tino himself: We definitly
    don't know were the project file might resist. Further on I
    guess some users won't like this, if they would only open a
    TeX file, i.e. to look for something he/she has written some
    time ago and what happens is that TXC opens the whole
    project and eventually closes the current one.

    A good solution for newbies might be to scan only the file's
    directory (I guess this is the most common case) and if TXC
    find's a project file, that references the file, the user
    has chossen, a message box pops up, tells the user, that a
    relating project was found and asks him, if he would open
    the project instead of the file. This message box should
    have a check box, to disable it for future actions.

    3) The 'Open as project' was a quick thought, but I guess
    the idea isn't that good, because it may be too complicated
    to the user and at least I don't like temporary stuff that
    gets deleted on some action or in most cases gets not
    deleted and resists on the drive...

    I prefer the following solution: The commands for opening
    single files and projects are left as they are. We include a
    new command as described by Tino: 'Create project for
    current file...'. And the command is only available if there
    isn't any open project.

    Further on we should think about the info message box, that
    points the user to an existing project file, when opening a
    TeX-file, as described above. But that should be handled as
    another feature request.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    The command is now always available, if there is an active document.
    Works fine.



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