#57 Auto word wrapping (hard wrap)

Tino Weinkauf
6 days ago
Raphael Goubet

The 6.01 release is a good version. However, the
Auto word wrapping function that I expected from
long before is still not there.

I wonder if we can have such an option in the menu
or in the tool bar. By pushing the button, or
shortcut key, we can enable or disable AUTO word

It is ideal, if we can adjust the number of
characters in a line.

Thanks a lot,


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  • Sven Wiegand
    Sven Wiegand

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    What the users means here is a real word wrapping. In
    difference to the current dynamic word wrapping, which does
    only affect the display, the word wrapping addressed by the
    user would really inser line breaks.

    I have given it a short try and seen, that this is hard to
    implement, but I respect the wish: It is an important
    feature if you have to edit your files even with other
    editors, which does not provide the dynamic wrapping.
    Further on shorter lines are better, when LaTeX brings up
    errors or warnings referenced by line numbers only.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    I changed the priority of this, because another user wrote
    on this:

    Using TXC in conjunction with CVS is a kind of
    complicated thing.

    The logical word wrap feature of TXC supports with a
    comfortable view of TeX sources every time the files are
    opened with the current window width.

    When saved the files have extra long lines, especially for
    whole paragraphs a.o. without manual line breaks.

    diff()ing for cvs purposes therefore is not quiet as

    Is there any chance to get an option to allow the saving
    of the soft word wraps (at window edge or at a const
    column count, two features?) as normal CR (CR/LF) for
    tex files?

    So identifying textual parts in tex sources as changed
    local would be a great gain for using TXC in conjunction
    with cvs, I think.

    [Timo Heinrich (t-h)]

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    Whats the status on this wish? Any ETA, it's almost 1 year
    after the last post and the newest version downloadable does
    not support this. Unfortunately TXC is a very good
    environment which some of the people I work with use and
    don't want to scrap :)

    (I need the wordwrap support for cvs/svn, where currently
    everything checked in by the TXC users is always changing
    whole paragraphs.)

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    No change. No ETA. If you are a C++ developer, you are more
    than welcome to implement this.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

    • summary: Auto word wrapping --> Auto word wrapping (hard wrap)
    • labels: 407085 --> Text Editing
  • Sören Auer
    Sören Auer

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    I imagine this feature can be a little difficult to implement.
    Cofundos is a platform to collect donations in order to realize such open-source enhancements. I created a project on Cofundos for "Auto word wrapping" and bid Euro 100 for its realization (since I need this feature desperately too):


    Please bid as well at Cofundos or make an offer, if you are able to implement this.


  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

    Implemented with a menu entry and shortcuts. But it has to be done by the user, i.e., it is not automatic. I think that automatic hard word wrapping is not desirable at all.

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