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Michael Haindl

I'm using TeXniccenter in addition to miktex to write my latex-documents and I'm very happy with the programm. It's the user friendliest Editor i know for that purpose. Since a portable version of miktex was released I'm wondering if a portable version of Texniccenter would be possible. A Texniccenter version which runs only on a Flash Drive without saving any settings to the win-registry would be perfect.
Thank you for the great work on Texniccenter!
Michael Haindl


  • I also think this wood be great!

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

    The feature has been added to the official feature list.

    Thank you for your report.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

    And another user writes:

    Portable software has recently become really popular as people like to take
    their applications with them wherever they go. Please, consider making
    TeXnicCenter a portable application (i.e. able to run entirely from
    USB stick without leaving anything behind on the host computer).

    This means that there should be a possibility to store user settings in a
    file rather than registry. Additionally, it would be beneficial, if the
    location of the settings could be specified via command line option in case
    the application is run from non-writeable medium like in case of a live


  • David Martens
    David Martens

    I tried MiKTeX Portable but nothing is better than Texniccenter.

    Is there any way to make it portable as long as there is none available here?

    Thanks David

  • Sergiu Dotenco
    Sergiu Dotenco

    Nope, sorry.


  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I using MikTeX portable on a USB Device.
    Last I modified TeXnicCenter to a portable Version, now there are some problems.

    I can't use relative paths to templates, pdfViewer, pdf-Compiler and this stuff.
    The second problem is, that I can't save this in an ini-file and load it later again to use it.
    Is it possible to integrate this options in TeXnicCenter?
    Maybe only with a command line parameter or so, although a seperate tab or checkbox in the option dialog more comfortable way is.

    At last, I have to thank for this good software.

    It helped me on my diploma thesis some years ago, some thesis of friends and much stuff, that I composed with TeXnicCenter and MikTeX.

    Best regards



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