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#237 Explicit refresh function for navigation tree views


When typing documents and adding a file to project this is not realized in the navigation trees as far as it should be. Even after compiling and using the new files the documents tree does not contain the new entry.

I classify it as feature request because the view is correct after reloading TC and it is absolutely no critical problem.

I'm not sure when excactly TC is realizing it but let me say it happens really not at the right time. I think it is necessary to switch between the tree views to get the new file viewed in the documents view. But I'm not sure at this - it could be a delay of time too I have to wait until this happens.

If there is a cyclic refreshing you should consider to shortening the delay or adding a refresh button.


  • tenaris

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    Ok here is some more restriction because it happens only in a certain case.
    When adding a file by typing \include{foo} or \input{bar} and implicitly saving the file by producing output/document TC does no refresh. When using saving instead it does a refreshing. When using the save function sequentially after the producing of output this does not help. You need to explicitly save it first before building the output.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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