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#17 Matching Bracket Highlight

Pavel Vacha
Sven Wiegand

When editing a file and the cursor is placed at the
left of an opening bracket (one of '([{'), the
matching closing bracket should be highlighted and
when the cursor is placed on the left of a closing
bracket, the matching opening bracket should be

The user should be able to turn this feature on or off
(editor page of the customization dialog).

This feature should be implemented in CCrystalEditView.


  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

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    A user wrote a similar request:

    Before switching to
    TeXnicCenter, I used the editor NoteTab. It has a "match delimiter"

    Place the cursor just inside of a delimiter -- ( ) [ ] { }. Press ctrl-
    M. The editor selects all of the text from the cursor to the matching
    delimiter. (It also selects the matching delimiters, but I'm not sure that
    this is the right thing to do.) The feature is very useful when editing a long
    mathematical expression.

    Thank you for a great TeX editor and
    integration with MikTeX.

  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

    Logged In: YES

    Christoph Vogelbusch ( wrote:

    Some ideas to easyly improve your shell are:
    allow separate highlighning for symbols, so far it's
    hard to differ a ( from a { or a [ in the text. If you
    allowed them to have spcial colors as well a , and .
    this would be a great hel in finding errors.
    An additional Help would be a bracket finder, wich
    colorfies (green) a barcket according to the one the
    cursor is at. While if the brackets don't match you
    could show them in red. e.g.
    {...}_ left is shown green. {...) _, or (...] left is
    shown red.

    I just noticed that "kile" uses a great way for brackets:
    it marks the background of the complete block when your over
    a bracket (green if matching red if not).

    Marking just the bracket is harder for the eyes to find.



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