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#109 Colorize the Output Window wrt. the program

Tino Weinkauf
Tino Weinkauf

When using advanced profiles and configurations a lot
of programs are called to compile and convert the
document. For example, latex, bibtex, makeindex, dvips,
ghostscript (ps2pdf) can be called in one row.

But the output bar does not reflect this very good. The
output of all these programs is gathered without
distinction. Therefore, we should add such a line
before every call

---- <name of program> ----

This line should be surrounded by an empty line -
before and after it.

Furthermore, we *could* color the background of the
different output sections. Latex would get a white
background as always. Bibtex maybe a yellow one. And so
on. Well, this would make the output bar a little bit
too colorfull. So this would not be the best solution.

Another idea for this would be to color the sections
alternating: Each odd section gets a white background
and each even section a grey (light grey) background.
This way, the user could more easily distinguish
between the different programs and their messages.

Together with the request
783155: Copy Text from LaTeX Output Window
this would give another nice entry in the popup menu
for copying text from the output: "Copy Section".


  • Tino Weinkauf
    Tino Weinkauf

    • assigned_to: nobody --> niteria
    • summary: Printing the currently run program in the Output Window --> Colorize the Output Window wrt. the program


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