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#316 Identical tpc & tps file, one project broken, other not


So, I have suggested TeXnic Center + MikTeX to a fellow PhD student for use for reports and his PhD thesis. At some point, he needed to write an article, and the simplest thing was to copy a TeXnic Center project and modify all the files in the tps and tpc files - this has worked for me in the past.
Trying to compile it today, the bibliography was not included which caused me (as his first port of call) a bit of a problem, most perplexing is the setup I managed to obtain in the end:

Identical tpc and tps files - where one works as a functional TeXnic Center project and the other one doesn't. Moving the files from the working project to the other results in the broken setup working again. Now I have no idea what could have happened, as the setup is reasonably straightforward.

I have attached the two samples as a 7-zip archive, labelled "broken" and "works"...

In the end the only solution I could offer was to create a new project and copy all the content across, but this still leaves the question as to why it occurred in the first place, and this gave a correctly compiling document.

I would appreciate any help in this matter - many thanks.


  • Sergiu Dotenco
    Sergiu Dotenco

    For some reason the broken project contains a UTF-8 BOM which causes TeXnicCenter not being able to recognize the project.

  • DetlevCM

    Ah, that explains it. Thank you very much, it had me very confused.

    On a side note: Would it not be good though if TeXnic Center would also recognize UTF encoding? (As a suggestion for the future)

    Side note: Saving the .tps file as ANSI (via Editor) lets it work as it should again.



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