Configure Pdf4Eclipse as a previewer?

  • chris_uvic

    I like the idea of Pdf4Eclipe, but I cannot seem to configure it as a previewer.  How does one add it to the list of previewers?


  • Currently, there is no known possibility to configure pdf4eclipse as previewer. But this is no big deal since you can simply open the pdf directly in Eclipse. It automatically refreshes its content, hence there is no need to reopen it again. In future versions of Texlipse support for pdf4eclipse will be added.


  • Anonymous

    Hey Boris,
    pdf4eclipse is awesome! Thank you for your effort!



  • Anonymous

    I had the same problem. Tried for quite a while to configure pdf4eclipse as the previewer before I figured it out. Would be great to mention this in the documentation.

  • Hi,
    It's a great tool. Thanks. Just some minors:
    1. "Linking source to output" is not work properly. It would be great if I preview the position which I'm writing.
    2. The size of the preview is not configurable. I have a wide splited screen (source-pdf); the pdf tab is small.