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#372 Latex Builder error due to an invalid path

Geoff Alexander

After upgrading to TeXlipse 1.5.0, builds in projects with the TeXlipse nature result in a Latex Builder error due to an invalid path. For example, in my eccl project I get

Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder 'Latex Builder' on project 'eccl'.
Path must include project and resource name: /eccl

This is especially annoying when automatic build is enabled in the project, I as get the error every time I save a source file.

I wonder if this bug is related to bug 3568009, which I also started experiencing after upgrading to TeXlipse 1.5.0.

My environment is Eclipse 4.4.2 (Juno SR2) with CDT 8.1.2 running on openSUSE 12.3 x86_64.


  • Hendrik Maryns
    Hendrik Maryns

    I am not sure whether this is the same, but I have similar troubles. Just installed fresh Eclipse Kepler and fresh TeXlipse 1.5.0, now if I create a LaTeX project, it builds fine the first time and from the second run I get
    Error: Builder (#7) for pdf output format has an invalid configuration
    I have tried everything, from setting builder paths, switching to dvi, deleting ~/.texlive2013, restarting Eclipse etc. etc.

    This is VERY annoying.

  • Hendrik Maryns
    Hendrik Maryns

    Switched back to 1.4.2 and indeed everything works fine now.

  • Hendrik Maryns
    Hendrik Maryns

    Alright, I fixed my problem, my bad: biber was not installed (new, smaller, TeX installation: old symlinks still lying around but not working, since I manually deleted the old one to make space), but was mentioned in the configuration. Installing biber and updating the symlinks via tlmgr fixed it.
    The reason 1.4 worked was because it doesn’t know about biber!