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Installation instructions

  • Would it be possible to get some kind of instructions. I downloaded http://sourceforge.net/projects/texfactory/files/texfactory/0.1.0/TeXfactorySetup-0.1.0.zip/download and ran the setup program. However it asks me MiKTeX installation directory. Also the setup program first failed to run because "another already running process". Clicking "try again" resolved that problem.

    Then I downloaded the esetup. Setup program did the same thing with "another already running process" with the exception that retrying did not help.

    OS is Win7-64bit.

  • Seppo Laakko
    Seppo Laakko

    Strange if the setup.exe is somehow started many times. I could not repeat this behaviour. The setup program is just basic Visual Studio setup project with no special features.

    However, version 0.2.0 is now released.
    I added a short readme file that includes installation instructions and describes new features.