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TestMarker for Scantron Scanners / News: Recent posts

TestMarker 2005 Stable is now Fixed

The error which caused TestMarker's Exe version to fail has been fixed. The problem was that a folder and two files were somehow not included. I have updated the affected releases, so all you need to do is download the .zip file again.

If there are any other problems please report them.

Posted by David Mack 2006-09-20

TestMarker 2005 Stable 2.0.4 Released

The First Stable Version of TestMarker 2005 has been released in source and windows exe formats.

Posted by David Mack 2006-08-04

TestMarker 2005 Beta V2.0.0 Released for Windows

TestMarker 2005 (2.0.0) has be released for windows in exe form.

Sorry that the windows binary took so long to build.
Happy Marking !!!

Posted by David Mack 2006-06-16

TestMarker 2005 Beta V2.0.0 Released

A new Version of TestMarker has just been released.
So far only a source code version has been released, because there were some problems compiling it, as soon as the problem is fixed, TestMarker will be released for Windows in Binary too. The problem does not effect how it runs as source.

The source code is for python, so it should work on any platform, however it has only been tested on Windows.

Posted by David Mack 2006-05-21

New TestMarker Version Soon

I am going to release a new TestMarker Version. The source code has had some drastic changes, and some new features have been added.
Also I am working on an instruction guide to release with it.
I should be releasing a version of it in the next week. Because I made huge changes, there may be some bugs, but I hope to be able to deal with them in short order.

Sorry that the project had been inactive for so long, my studies were take so much of my time that I was unable to work on the project.

Posted by David Mack 2006-05-16

TestMarker 2005 Beta Release

You can now download TestMarker 2005 Beta

Posted by David Mack 2005-12-19

TestMarker Web Site is up

The TestMarker Web Site up. The Site is still under development but is now up.


Posted by David Mack 2005-12-17

TestMarker 2005 Alpha released

First release for TestMarker
Released in source code
And in a windows binary

Posted by David Mack 2005-12-15