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Release 1.5.1 is out. This is a big one :D

  • Release 1.5.1 (2012-08-12):

      This is somewhat of a major release, in that it includes several new interesting features and many bug fixes.
      See the list below for more details.
      In addition to that, I realized a VIDEO TUTORIAL showing out the main features of this Test Manager, to
      help new and existing users take confidence with recent changes, new features and so on.
      Check the tutorial on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIi3QMT0rT4
      Also the trac-hacks user manual has been restructured, updated and enriched with the recent changes and features.

      o Enhancement #353771 (SourceForge): Time tracking capability.
                                           This is now possible by means of the enhancements to the tabular views of
                                           both test catalogs and test plans and the addition of a custom field.
                                           See the comments to the feature request and the video tutorial, where this
                                           customization example is fully explored.

      o Enhancement #3537704 (SourceForge): Possibility to select columns for the table view.
                                            This is now possible from the administration panel.
                                            I also added an interesting feature that allows for adding a statistical
                                            row to the test catalog and test plan tabular views, with the option to
                                            have the sum, average or count of the values in any column, being it a
                                            standard or a custom property of test cases or catalogs.
                                            This feature is also used to realize the feature #353771 above.
                                            See the video tutorial for an interesting use of this one to track test
                                            execution effort estimation of an entire test plan  and compare it to 
                                            actual execution time.
      o Enhancement #3537700 (SourceForge): Option to select table view as default view.
                                            This is now possible from the administration panel.
      o Enhancement #3537696 (SourceForge): Possibility to change test plans.
                                            This is now possible by means of several new actions available on test
                                             - On a test case definition page, you have a new action button to add the
                                               test case to a plan. A dialog box appears showing you the suitable plans
                                               (the ones not containing all test cases).
                                             - On a test case instance (a test case inside a plan) page, you have a new
                                               action button to remove the test case from the plan.
                                             - On a test case instance (a test case inside a plan) page, in case the plan
                                               is containing an old snapshot of the test case and you wish to update
                                               its text description to the latest version, you have a new action button
                                               to do that.
      o Fixed Ticket #8932 (Track-Hacks): The test plan tabular view has been enhanced to also
                                          show test case full text description

      o Fixed Ticket #10131 and #10217 (Track-Hacks): Deleting a Test Case, deleting Test Catalogs containing Test items.
                                                      This only happened on PosgreSQL.

      o Fixed some bugs that I found ad which were not reported:
        - The quick search in test catalogs was not working.
        - Indentation of test cases in tabular views for both catalogs and plans was incorrect.
        - Localization (i.e. translation) did not work for some parts of the Administration panel,
          the Statistical charts page and several dialog boxes.
        - Setting a test case status using the pop-up semaphore menu did not work on test plan tabular view.
        - Some more I can't recall :D