Release 1.3.9 out, fixed some bugs

  • I know… many releases thrown out in a few days… but there's a reason, several features and several bugs were reported on Track Hacks and personally by email, and I wanted to fix them soon.

    Release 1.3.9:

    Fixed Ticket #8144 Test statistical charts don't show successful and failed figures.

    In release 1.3.8:

    Fixed tickets about moving test case into a different catalog.

      o Fixed Ticket #8121 (Track-Hacks): Catalog Wiki Page not added

      o Fixed Ticket #8123 (Track-Hacks): Can't move testcase more than one time into different catalog

      o Fixed Ticket #8124 (Track-Hacks): AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'splitlines'

      o Fixed Ticket #8125 (Track-Hacks): "duplicate test case" does not work for previously moved test case

    In release 1.3.7:

    Added ability to delete a Test Plan

      o Fixed Ticket #8084.

    In release 1.3.6:

      o Fixed bug #8004.

    Have a nice testing!