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Release 1.4.7 out!

  • Release 1.4.7 is out!!!

    A couple of exciting enhancements and new translations for Spanish and German (Italian was already there).

      o Enhancement #8907 (Track-Hacks): Add template for "New TestCase" - Thanks a lot to Christian for the hard work on this enhancement!!!
         Now you can define templates for your new test catalogs and new test cases, and assign default templates based on each test catalog!

      o Enhancement #8908 (Track-Hacks): Poss


    iblity to change test case status from the tree view.
        No more need to open each test case in a plan to set its result, you can now do this directly from the tree view!

      o Fixed Ticket #8869 (Track-Hacks): Loading of Test Manager takes too long and sometimes time out

      o Added Spanish and German catalogs! Thanks a lot to Christian and Andreas for the translations!!!

  • Jouko Korhonen
    Jouko Korhonen

    Thank you a lot for the  #8908 fix. It will ease my project members work a lot :D

  • Thank you Jouko for your frequent suggestions on how to improve this plugin! :D