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#3871 \remove "Dynamic_performer" causes midi early start (2.19.2)


Originally created by: *anonymous

Originally created by: RalphBug...@gmail.com

Jay Anderson wrote :

Removing the Dynamic_performer causes rests at the start of a piece to
be skipped causing misalignment with other voices. I've only tested
this with 2.19.2 and 2.18.0. It works correctly in 2.18.0.

\version "2.19.2" % Work in 2.18.0

    \new Staff \relative c' { [r1]*3 e1 e e | }
    \new Staff \relative c { c1 c c c c c | }
      \remove "Dynamic_performer"


  • Originally posted by: dsch...@gmail.com

    This happens for the same reason as issue 3878: each staff has a separate start tick, so if there's no Midi_dynamic at the start to align them, the first Audio_item starts at tick 0.

    Summary: \remove "Dynamic_performer" causes midi early start (2.19.2)

  • Originally posted by: dsch...@gmail.com

    This is fixed in commit [r7b58ea045f6b6b7381f777cfcedd47660f9058ea]:
        From: Devon Schudy <dschudy@gmail.com>
        Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 16:20:37 +0000
        Subject: Count MIDI ticks from the beginning of the score, not each staff independently.
        This keeps MIDI output aligned for:
        * Lyrics (issue 3878)
        * Staves without Dynamic_performer (issue 3871)
        * Staves that start late
        * Scores that start with grace notes (issue 1412).

    Labels: Fixed_2_19_4
    Status: Fixed

  • Originally posted by: fedel...@gmail.com

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    Status: Verified