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TestifIE / News: Recent posts

TestifIE v2.1.0 adds support for external user/input data

TestifIE v2.1.0 supports user/input data in a file external to the test script .xml. Multiple data files can be specified for a single test case. This feature reduces test case maintenance in cases where the same test is executed with different data sets, and enables testifIE for Globalization/Localization testing.
The TestifIE Recorder will also externalize user/input data during the recording process.

Posted by Stephan Lips 2007-01-18

TestifIE v2.0.0 adds TestifIERecorder

TestifIE v2.0.0 adds an exciting new feature to further cut down on the cost of developing and deploying automted UI tests for your Internet Explorer-based web clients: the TestifIERecorder.
TestifIERecorder allows for recording of testcases, including validation steps. The user manually interacts with the IE-based UI while his actions are being recorded, and has the ability to edit testcases during the recording process.
Minor new features include the ability to launch testifIE as ant task, and provide URL overrides when launching one or more testifIE scripts.

Posted by Stephan Lips 2006-08-23