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Telnet with TLS support (telnet-tls) / News: Recent posts

v0.3.2 released. New commands, fixes

* new sslon/ssloff commands
* openssl without compression compilation fix

Posted by Roman Rybalko 2007-12-14

v0.3.1 Released. Fixed OpenSSL detection on FreeBSD.

Fixed OpenSSL detection on systems, where OpenSSL is a part of installation.

Posted by Roman Rybalko 2007-08-28

v0.3 Released. New hacker-features.

new features:
* dumpcert command - allows to dump server certificate into a file in DER fromat
* sslinfo - shows info about SSL connection like openssl s_client -showcerts (code borrowed from there)
* Ability to load certificates in PEM (-P cert) and DER (-A cert) format. Support password requesting in DER.
* man page updated in completely consistency with current version.

Posted by Roman Rybalko 2007-08-26

Screenshots updated

new command list of v0.3
new commands: dumpcert, sslinfo

Posted by Roman Rybalko 2007-08-26